Reasons You Might Seek Support From a Non-Diet Dietitian

If you’ve been thinking about seeking support from a non-diet dietitian, or maybe you’re not quite sure what Registered Dietitians can help with, here are a few areas we provide support in:

  • You received a new diagnosis and need help managing it (examples: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, celiac disease, etc.)
  • You’re sick of feeling stuck in a dieting cycle where you go on and off diets and nothing ever seems to work (examples: keto, Whole 30, Noom, counting macros, low fat, “clean” eating, cleanses, detoxes, etc.)
  • You need help establishing some structure and accountability to be consistent in engaging in health-promoting behaviors (examples: meal planning, nutrition timing, balanced meals and snacks, stress eating, engaging in exercise, etc.)
  • You realize your relationship with food could be improved and/or you are suffering from poor body image (examples: “all or nothing” mentality, fear of weight gain, constant weighing of yourself, letting the scale dictate your behaviors, etc.)

This list is just scratching the surface. It is important to shop around to see which RD may best meet your needs! The relationship between you & your RD can feel a lot like therapy, as the foods we choose to eat, our relationship to those foods, and how we behave around food can be a vulnerable subject.

As a non-diet RD, my practice values providing a safe space to explore your relationship with food as we work to make changes in how you nourish yourself, but in a compassionate & nonjudgemental manner. I will never suggest that you lose weight in order to improve your health (because I believe that is unethical per the research we have on weight science), but I will always be here to support you through weight & body image concerns.

If you’ve been wondering how a dietitian could help you, I invite you to reach out to set up a risk free 15 minute discovery call to see if we’d make a great team. I have a few spots left for virtual 1:1 clients this month & I’d love to have you!

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